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Cashmere, what is it and why is it special?

The natural goat fibers from the goats of Kashmir have for centuries yielded the softest, most luxuriant garments in the world. The tight weave of these silky wools lends a light, easy flow to cashmere capes, coats, sweaters, and shawls.

But is the only place you find cashmere wool from Kashmir? Not at all, although the origins of the word came from the Kashmir area from the Persian times, we are fortunate that many other locations are now producing cashmere. One in particular is in Inner Mongolia, northern China.


This area is the biggest producer of cashmere goats in the wool. Other places like Tibet, New Zealand and Turkey have significant productions. The key factor in producing quality cashmere is the weather. The colder the climate, the thicker the goat’s wool will be. Therefore, it is not a surprise that good quality cashmere wool comes from cold climate countries.

Anyone who has ever bought and worn a quality cashmere cape swears how comfortable and warm it is. Unlike the common wool, cashmere is soft and does not itch when wearing it. Plus, it has the ability to be woven into fine threads or thick yarns lend a great deal of flexibility to designs when crafting garments of cashmere. Coats in this natural fiber, consequently, appear in a surprising variety of patterns, textures, colors and designs. However be careful when purchasing your cashmere cape or shawl, there are a lot of cashmere imitations on the market. Since cashmere textile is naturally expensive, the coats or garments are also expensive. One technique many manufacturers will use to reduce the cost is blending the cashmere wool with a lower quality. Unfortunately, this also reduces the quality and characteristic to popular with cashmere.

In summary, if you do decide to buy a cashmere cape, remember the following:

  • Where does the cashmere come from? (remember that colder climate countries produce higher quality cashmere)

  • Does your sell person have any knowledge about cashmere?

  • If there’s a blend of other wools, how much cashmere it there in the garment?

    If you need additional information about cashmere capes or shawls, please visit us at Frank’s Furs and Fashions, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

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